FundImpact Bootup

We are super excited to announce that we have kickstarted the FundImpact project. Our larger purpose is to facilitate Social Purpose organizations with technological interventions in delivering cost-effective social impact on ground.

We are building apps that measure Social Impact.

The FundImpact is a community of Open Source contributors and professionals from social sector organizations. Together we are designing and developing solutions that will NGOs in delivering meaningful and cost effective solutions on ground. The project envisions to create a suite of tech solutions that will facilitate the organization in tracking their projects, managing funds for those project and more importantly measure impact of the project.

The three pronged strategy of – Tracking Projects, Managing Funds, Measuring Impact is the premise of design technological interventions. We have initiated a user research program to dive deeper into this strategy and gain insights from experience professionals for social development background.

We are also documenting our process of kickstarting the FundImpact project so that community at large can review our progress, give us feeedback and also, people can learn from our processes. Do read our blog – Digging the Ground.

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