Product Ideas from User Research Programme – Interaction 001

This blog series will capture our interactions with the target users of the FundImpact platform to understand their requirements and pain points. These interactions will help us in shaping the vision of the platform. We are thankful to all the stakeholders who have generously given time from their busy schedule and have shared their indispensable insights on managing various operations in Social purpose organizations.

These interactions will culminate into a definitive User Research and will be instrumental in creating a comprehensive Product Roadmap for FundImpact. At the onset of this User Research, we are validating our product ideas with the stakeholders and understanding their pain points in managing specific workflows through digital tools. Some of the key outcomes of these interactions are 1) the product ideas shared by stakeholders, 2) how they prioritize and value these features, and 3) complexity of the features (till what extent they would like to automate operations/workflows).

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Digging the Ground!

An Open Source Project often begins with a piece of code written by one single developer in her/his creative desire to build a common good for everyone and it slowly grows into an army of developers crossing borders and language barriers. Such projects are the foundation of human civilization where knowledge, creativity and innovation are free for all. It is never ‘I’ who builds the Open Source project, but “we the peoples” who collaborate across time zones, cultures and languages.

We begin our journey of FundImpact by thanking countless peoples of the world upon whose work we lay the foundation for this project.

This blog series is about the “Process” of establishing an Open Source project. The process here refers to the long journey of good and bad decisions we took and our learnings from them. The major emphasis would be on “how” and “why” we have taken certain decisions than “what” we did.

Let’s Digg’in

In this blog, I’ll talk about the some necessary steps one needs to take to lay a strong foundation for an Open Source project. We’ll talk about creating the brand of the project, choosing the right licensing option, developing strategy for building and engaging community, tools that will help in team collaboration and much more. So, let’s digg in!

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